Did Yandy Smith and Mandeecees’ House Get Raided? [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 9, 2013

Love & Hip Hop New York breakout star Yandy Smith showcases her personal life during season 3 of the hit reality show.

This season, fans will see Yandy as a new mom to her blue-eyed son, Omere. Viewers will also get to see baby’s father Mandeecees Harris. During the season premiere, Harris introduced himself as being formerly ‘in the streets’ but now getting paid in the music game.

Speculation has already begun on whether that is the case or not. A few of Yandy’s neighbors speculate that Harris lifestyle has not changed. Yandy’s neighbors told Wives Confidential that the reality star’s house she shares with Harris got raided in July/August.

The website, which doesn’t know the reason behind the raid, claims Yandy was seen crying in the streets when it went down. Wives Confidential claims that Harris only moved in for show purposes. He was staying with the mother of his oldest child in New Jersey before filming began.

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Can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds during the season.

Photo via YoDale


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