Did The Game Steal One of 50 Cent’s Energy Drink Trucks? [Photo]

Rucuss staffSeptember 26, 2012

It appears The Game is looking to reignite the beef with 50 Cent.

Although The Game announced he had been baptized and his next album Jesus Piece was going to be a Christian LP last week, he’s still up to causing havoc. The West coast rapper was spotted sitting in one of 50 Cent’s Street King energy drink trucks.

He posted the photo below with the caption,”The driver seen me coming and ran. Now I’m headed to skidrow to give away this nasty sh*t to the homeless.”

The Game claims the driver was aware of his reputation and ran off when he saw him. But we’re not buying it. The Game is not that dumb to commit a crime and then post it on Instagram to incriminate himself,. Or is he that stupid?

50 cent has not yet respond but we’re sure when he gets wind of what The Game did he will retaliate in ’50 fashion.’ Those are some serious shots fired. The Game steals 50’s enery drink truck and then calls the drink nasty. WOW!

Your move, 50!


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