Did Nicki Minaj Rip Off Designer’s Work?

Rucuss staffSeptember 15, 2011

Rapper Nicki Minaj has been making headlines all week with her outlandish outfits.

People have either laughed or admired Minaj’s guts for wearing her corky outfits. But designer Jessica Rogers of SomedayNewYorker didn’t have the same reactions.

Rogers told Fashionista.com, she was upset when she saw Minaj wear a copy of her original garment during New York’s Fashion Week.

“I am very upset by the fact that she was sitting next to Anna Wintour,” Rogers said. “I admire Anna Wintour very much. I was hoping that one day she would see my garments and it would be the first time that she would see Puff Balls used as I use them.”

Rogers has designed identical items as Minaj’s for almost three years. She refers to it as “Puff Ball” style. The designer claims she was contacted by Minaj’s stylist about using some of her clothing. Rogers sent Minaj’s camp images of her work but she never heard back.

Rogers said she confronted the stylist about Minaj’s alleged copycat design after photos surfaced. She claims she wanted to take a bad situation and turn it into a good situation by offering a proper
SomedayNewYorker garment for the star to wear but her efforts failed.

“I ended up getting a call from the woman whom I will not name and she
said she wasn’t [Nicki Minaj’s] stylist anymore. Then [she] started yelling at me, harassing
me, and telling me that it’s a small community and I better watch what I

“I believe that she called me instead of emailed me, because she did not want to have written proof that she had yelled and harassed me.”

If this is true, Minaj needs to step up and wear one of Rogers’ designs.














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