Did Nicki Minaj Buy Her Boyfriend Safaree A New Bentley? [Photos]

Rucuss staffDecember 27, 2011

Rapper Nicki Minaj gained attention last month when she showed up to the Grammy nomination concert in a pink Bentley coupe.

Minaj’s custom-made Bentley GT is worth $250,000. She calls it her “Barbie Bentley.” Now, it seems her alleged boyfriend Safaree got one too. The hype man posted pictures of his new ride on Twitter two weeks ago. Safaree tweeted, “S/o my new BENT..MATTE RED ONLY 1 IN USA!CONTINENTAL GT… “Even tho I hate it dey force me 2get da new bent”

We’re not sure if we believe they forced him to get a Bentley. Minaj probably suggested he get one and he kindly accepted. We don’t know if it was a Christmas present but his car is NICE!!Safaree’s Bentley was parked in front of Nicki’s so he tweeted, “Blurrry vision got you seeing double.”

Judging from this photo it appears that Minaj’s Bentley is bigger than Safaree’s car.

Nicki Minaj Has a $250,000 Custom Pink Bentley [Photos]

Minaj driving to the Grammy nomination concert in her custom-made Bentley in November.

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