Did Minka Kelly Turn Down Jake Gyllenhaal For A Date?

Rucuss staffJanuary 12, 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

Gyllenhaal has dated Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst and Taylor Swift. But his good looks and big pockets wasn’t good enough for actress Minka Kelly to go on a date with him. Kelly turned down Gyllenhaal’s advances.

Kelly declined an invitation from the actor when she was approached for a date last year, Us Weekly reports. A source told the magazine it was because of her ex Derek Jeter. The two were split up at the time and Kelly didn’t want to ruin her chances to get back with the New York Yankee.

Kelly has since got back with Jeter. Gyllenhaal, who has been sporting a beard lately, has been unlucky in love since he split with Reese in 2009. He had a public romance early in 2011 with Swift despite their ten year age gap. But their courtship fizzled after a few months.

We’re sure Gyllenhaal has since been a few dates.


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