Did Chris Brown & Rihanna Profess Their Love For Each Other?

Rucuss staffDecember 29, 2011

It’s safe to say that if a judge didn’t hand down an order for Chris Brown to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna for five years, these two lovebirds would be all over each other.

Brown and Rihanna took to their Twitter accounts this morning to profess their love for one another. Rihanna initiated the affection with a tweet, “I’ll always love you.” Brown then responded a minute later, “Love you more than you know.”

Now, they didn’t mention each other’s name but its safe to say they were talking to each other. These subliminal tweets have been going on for a while now. Brown’s mom even got in on the action a few weeks ago. She tweeted, “Hello Lady I Miss You And Love You!!! You Know Who You Are!!!!” Rihanna responded, “I miss and love you too.”

We’re guessing Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran isn’t too happy about these tweets. But we’re also guessing she wont say a word to Brown. Karrueche will hang in there for the ride. Hey, she can look for new prospects while she is spending his money and traveling for free.

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