D’Angelo Returns to the Stage After More Than 10 Years, Debuts New Music! [VIDEO]

Rucuss staffJanuary 27, 2012

Singer D’Angelo is making a comeback.

He performed his first concert since 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden. D’Angelo made his comeback on Thursday night in front of a huge crowd in Sweden. The Richmond, VA native looked trim and fit, sporting his signature braids at the Filadelfiakyrkan venue.

D’Angelo belted out a series of hits from his album ‘Voodoo.’ He also sang a few new songs, which included ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘The Charade.’ Although, the old favorites rocked the crowd.

D’Angelo gave a funky rendition of the Voodoo track ‘Chicken Grease’ with drummer Chris Dave and Pino Palladino. He received a great reception from the Swedish crowd. It was validation that the Neo-singer is back!

Reports are that his third album ‘James River’ is almost complete. D’Angelo will continue on his European tour by visiting Copenhagen, Paris and The Netherlands before wrapping up in London next month. No word on whether he will tour in America.

Check out one of his songs from the concert in Sweden below.


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