Dallas Mavericks Coach Says Khloe Kardashian is the Coolest!

Rucuss staffDecember 13, 2011

One team’s trash is another team’s treasure.

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t want Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks swooped in for the kill. Odom left the City of Angels for some down home southern hospitality. Odom is a Maverick now! Former teammate Kobe Bryant isn’t happy about the trade but Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle couldn’t be happier.

The Lakers decision to package him in a deal to send him to the New Orleans Hornets without a phone call hurt. It’s what ruined his relationship with the team and sent him to the Mavericks.

Carlisle welcomes Odom, the entire Kardashian clan and even the E! camera crews. Carlisle joked with the The Dallas Morning News that he wouldn’t “rule out” appearing on his new power forward’s reality show if asked.

“I will say this: Khloe’s my favorite Kardashian,”  added Carlisle, making it clear that winning a NBA championship allows one to open up a lot more. “She’s the coolest.”

Kardashiam admitted she was caught off guard by the trade. But she’s putting on a happy face.

“We are all sad,” she tweeted, but positive energy gets you farther then negative. I am sure I will love it but I am a tad thrown off…I know for a fact blessings are everywhere!!! Everything happens for a reason. God is great.”

Meanwhile Bryant continues to express his frustration over the trade and the rumors surrounding it. Odom was alongside Bryant for two championships and three straight Finals appearances.He’s now playing for a conference rival.

“You’re talking about the Sixth Man of the Year last year,” Bryant said. “He played lights out. I don’t understand the criticism of reality shows and this, that and the other. I don’t get it. “He clearly wasn’t a distraction. He played his ass off. I don’t get where that comes from. Now I’m getting pissed off.”

Check out his interview below.

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