Creflo Dollar Denies Attacking Daughter During Sunday’s Service [Video]

Rucuss staffJune 11, 2012

Atlanta megachurch paster Creflo Dollar didn’t waste anytime addressing his arrest during Sunday’s service at the World Changers Church International.

After Dollar received a standing ovation from his congretion he discussed the child battery charges against him. It was his first public appearance after being arrested for allegedly choking and slapping his 15-year-old daughter. The Fayette County Sheriff deputies charged the paster with simple battery and cruelty to children. He was released on $5,000 bond.

Police claim the pastor’s daughter called them after he tackled her to the floor, punched her, and hit her with a shoe. Officers say that they saw a scratch to the girl’s neck and throat that confirmed her claims.

During his sermon he denied the allegations. Dollar said the police report was nothing but “exaggeration and sensationalism.”

Dollar said:

“I want you all to hear personally from me that all is well in the Dollar household.”

“I will say this emphatically: I should have never been arrested.”

“The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional, and emotions got involved and things escalated from there.”

“The truth is she was not choked, she was not punched. There were not any scratches on her neck.”

“But the only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is exaggeration and sensationalism.”

“Raising children in our culture of disrespect is a challenge. Like all of us who are parents [know], there are times when discipline and training our kids can become pretty intense.”

Watch his sermon below.


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