Craig Mack Was A No Show At The Bad Boy Reunion Because He Was Freestyling For God

Rucuss staffMay 25, 2016

Many wondered where was Craig Mack was during the Bad Boy Reunion concert at the Barclays Center.

Although there were quite a few artists missing, fans mentioned the Flava in Ya Ear rapper the most. Diddy previously joked about Mack’s whereabouts in an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, but assured fans that Mack was doing just fine.

“Last time I heard the brother was doing well,” Diddy said. “Harve [Pierre] spoke to him.” While Mack’s former labelmates were reliving the old days, he was rapping his praises to God at The Overcomer Ministry in South Carolina.

Mack, who currently lives in South Carolina, attends the church led by spiritual leader Ralph Gordon Stair. Its rumored that Mack is in a cult, not a congregation. In a video recorded on May 21, Stair brings Mack to the head of the congregation to discuss Diddy and the life he lives today.

“Craig Mack did not find the Lord,” Stair said. “He wasn’t even looking for him. He found what he was looking for: fame, women, money, pleasure. He found it all, and when he found it, he found he was lost. The Lord found him. The Lord found Craig Mack.”

Then Mack goes on to drop an acapella freestyle that pleases the crowd.

“Well I know to the world, the rap I kick will make you think I’m a lunatic, lost my mind or mentally sick” Mack raps. “But for all mankind this is it, new kingdom on the earth where the devil don’t fit / No more bad times and no more wars, New Jerusalem the city with the gold on the floors.”

Check out Mack’s freestyle below.


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