Couple Alert! Is Lil Kim Dating Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry?

Rucuss staffDecember 8, 2011

Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry wanted an upgrade.

Now that Terry finally won a NBA championship, he’s ready to live the rock star lifestyle. Word on the streets is Terry and rapper Lil Kim are allegedly dating. The two have been spotted together several times and according to sources they have been dating for awhile.

Lil Kim even traveled to Dallas in September to host Terry’s birthday/championship in September.

But if this rumor is true, Terry has a big problem on his hands once his wife Johnyika finds out. She also attended his birthday party.

This will come as a surprise to some because Terry and his wife appeared to be happy. The couple was shopping a reality show around in July called “Homecourt Advantage.” The show revolved around Terry, Johnyika, their four daughters and his mother and father.

Guess will have to wait an see how this unfolds.


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