Comedian Tracy Morgan Turns Back On Mother, Won’t Give Money To Avoid Foreclosure!

Rucuss staffFebruary 1, 2012

Comedian Tracy Morgan is reportedly worth $18 million dollars but he won’t give his mother a dime.

Tracy has a strained relationship with his mother Alicia Warden and his sister Asia Morgan. But his diabetic mother is in need of some cash to avoid foreclosure. She needs $25,000 to be exact, but Tracy won’t give up the cash.

Morgan has had his own health issues lately, but still has no desire to make amends with his mother who lives in Ohio. The 30 Rock star has severed all ties with Warden after he accused her of giving an interview to the media. Warden denies the claims.

His sister Asia called him a “d– bag.” She told the New York Daily News, “Because of the way he’s treating our mother, all bets are off. He’s never been a nice person, And money’s just made it worse.”

To be fair, Tracy did offer $2,000 through his assistant to help with expenses.

“My mom’s house isn’t extravagant, but it’s her home, Her health is failing. She has diabetes, and her legs are giving out on her. This would be a drop in the bucket for Tracy. She has a son that can do, and she’s done everything that she could possibly could for her family.”

Tracy’s mom did not accept the $2,000.

“Tracy’s offering you a one-shot deal” of $2,000,” his mom said his assistant told her. “I told her, ‘Thank you, but no thank you. I’m not some person in the street.”

She added, “That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. God don’t like ugly. Karma comes back to you.”

Warden says she worked until February 2011 before she loss her job. She, later, approached Tracy for help. He agreed to pay off her house but changed his mind. Her unemployment benefits have run out and she claims her utilities are about to be turned off and her car is going to be repossed.

“My mother did everything she could,” Asia said. “She ran numbers, but she did it to put food on the table. We were raised in the [Tompkins] projects [in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn}, but we didn’t think we were poor.”

Tracy has not commented publicly about his mother and sister’s claims. In past interviews he’s said, “I love my mother and always will. She did the best she could.”

Hopefully, Tracy will have a change of heart. She must make a payment by Feb. 23.


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