Comedian Corey Holcomb: The Average Guy Has Five Women in His Rotation! [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 11, 2012

Old stand up footage of comedian Corey Holcomb never gets old.

Holcomb appeared on Comedy Central back in 2005 with plenty of funny footage to laugh for a lifetime. The no-holds barred comedian let women know that they are not the only one. In fact, every man has five women in their rotation. Yes, you read that correctly!

Holcomb simply wanted to let the ladies figure out what position she’s in. In a comical way, he said its helpful information. Check out the five women types below:

1. No. 1, you love her, you want things to work out with her. She talks smack but it’s her house.

2. The real cute chick who think she’s No. 1. All she has is a cellphone number.

3. The one you’ve been messing with on and off for years. She would be No. 1 but something is wrong with her. Her hair won’t grow or she’s musty or something.

4. The fat chick with good credit. She will co-sign anything for you.

5. The booty call chick. She doesn’t go anywhere. She goes to work and comes home and waits for you to call.

Holcomb said men shouldn’t feel guilty about their rotation because this way he knows who he’s dealing with. Your man doesn’t have to deal with diseases this way, there is no strangers involved. But if a disease pops up than a team meeting will have to take place, ha!

Watch his comedy skit below.

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