Columbus Short Allegedly Threatens Wife With Murder-Suicide [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 17, 2014

Scandal star Columbus Short was handed divorce papers and a restraining order after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife Tuere Tanee McCall.

McCall filed a restraining order against Short after an incident on April 7 during which he allegedly held a knife to her throat and threatened murder-suicide. A drunken Short allegedly poured wine on her before pinning her to a couch, questioning her about affairs with a knife in hand.

Columbus Short’s History of Violence Exposed [Details]

TMZ reports:

Short got into it with his wife April 7 at their Chatsworth home, where she claims he came into her room intoxicated with a wine bottle in hand, acted like he was going to hit her with the bottle and then unloaded the wine on her.

Tuere Short claims Columbus then ran to the kitchen for a knife, pinned her to the couch and began choking her. She says he then demanded they play a game he called “Truth or Truth.” He allegedly said if she lied he would stab her in the leg.

She says he then started naming men he believed she was having affairs with. She denied them all but he allegedly then put the knife to her throat and threatened murder/suicide. As she tried escaping she says he slashed her tire.

The restraining order requires Columbus to move out of the house. We’ve learned cops were there today to ensure the peace as he moved out.  

This is not the first time there has been a domestic violence incident between Short and McCall. He was previously arrested following an altercation in front of their daughter and his son back in February. He was charged with spousal battery and pleaded not guilty.

McCall previously filed for divorce in September 2013, Radar Online reports. But the couple, who married in 2005, reconciled after that.

Short has had a few run-ins with the law this year. He was also arrested last month for allegedly beating up a man at a bar in Los Angeles.

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