Cocaine Was Found in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 31, 2012

The Beverly Hills Police Department did recover cocaine from Whitney Houston’s hotel room.

The amount of cocaine is unknown but official documents show that one of the items recovered was ‘white, powdery remnants.’ Sources told TMZ that the powder was tested and its was cocaine. Beverly Hills detectives are not investigating rumors that someone removed cocaine from the room. The police are convinced that the drugs were not removed.

So despite the rumors, Houston’s friend Raffles van Exel is not being investigated. Last week, a Dutch newspaper claimed van Exel said he cleaned her room before investigators arrived. While van Exel admits speaking to the newspaper, he denies telling them he cleared Whitney’s room.

van Exel sat down with the National Enquirer to set the record straight.

“That’s ridiculous,” van Exel told The Enquirer about removing the drugs. “I did get a call from a station (in Holland) a couple of days after Whitney died and spoke about her death in generalities. But of course I didn’t say that.”

But van Exel did admit to being in Whitney’s suite before authorities arrived.

“I came into Whitney’s room just before the police and paramedics did,” van Exel said. “I don’t know what drugs were there, but the place was clean when I arrived. Only after the police had gone and Whitney’s body had been removed did I help her brother Gary and wife Pat pack up Whitney’s clothes and other possessions. That was the only so-called ‘clean-up’ I was involved in, and it had nothing to do with drugs. All three of us were shock then. We were crying. We couldn’t believe that our beautiful Whitney was gone.”


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