Cleveland Bus Driver Suspended After Punching Female Rider [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 12, 2012

A Cleveland bus driver has been suspended following a viral video that shows him punching a female passenger.

The video shows an unidentified woman cussing out the bus driver before she hits him while he’s driving the bus. The bus driver pulls over and plants a uppercut to the woman’s face that knocks her down.

The bus driver, who has been employed by Greater Cleveland  Regional transit for 22 years, then throws the 25-year-old woman off the bus. But somehow she jumps back on the bus where the two briefly continue scuffling before passengers pull the two a part.

“That’s a [expletive] female,” one passenger shouts.

“I don’t care,” the bus driver responds. “She want to be a man, I’m going to treat you like a man.”

Now a huge debate has sparked over whether the bus driver should be punished for his actions. Watch the footage from the incident below.


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