Claudia Jordan Says Omarosa’s Mom Punched Her at the BET Awards! [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 1, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice stars Claudia Jordan and Omarosa let their feud from the show spill into their personal lives.

It all began after Claudia attended the funeral of Omarosa’s fiance Michael Clarke Duncan. Claudia posted photos from the funeral on social media websites, and Omarosa wasn’t pleased. She thought it was disrespectful and blasted Claudia in the media.

It became a war of words because Claudia snapped back that Omarosa was using his death for publicity. The two never squashed their beef.

Now fast forward to Sunday’s BET Awards. Claudia claims Omarosa walked by her on the red carpet and called her a ‘bitch’ and then her mother punched her. She told TMZ that she filed a police report.

“I see Omorosa- we were on celebrity apprentice together – she walked by and called me a b-tch and then her mother punched me in the arm,” Claudia told Baller Alert. “On the [red] carpet, in front of people, her mother punched me in the arm. There were witnesses. It was kinda like a little weak old baby punch but it was still like crazy disrespectful. Like who does that?”

Claudia added, “I told her that she should probably get out of Michael [Clarke Duncan’s] house. She’s squatting in it. I’ve seen the docs. But anyways, we are not here for Omarosa and that monkey face b-tch. We’re here for the BET Awards and all the amazing stars that have resumes. Not just reality stars that have reality shows and get fired from them.”

Omarosa told TMZ a different story. The reality star said it didn’t happen and her mother has filed her own police report.

“Claudia started it by pushing her 65-year-old mother,” she said. “I am deeply saddened by Claudia Jordan actions at the BET Awards. After all that my family and I been through this year. She should show at least an ounce of decency and respect “

Claudia didn’t back down from her story.

“People saw it,” Claudia told Hip Hollywood. “It’s only a matter of time before the video surfaces. It’s really not that big of a deal. There were some things said and she punched me in the arm as she walked by.”

Watch Jordan explain the incident below.

Photo via Urban Daily and Bossip


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