Ciara Talks Weight Gain, Future’s Initial Tattoo & Rihanna With Wendy Williams [Video]

Rucuss staffMay 9, 2013

Ciara continues to open up about her personal life.

During an interview with talk show host Wendy Williams, Ciara revealed she was trying to gain weight. She also dished the reason why she got her boyfriend Future’s initial on her ring finger and what she thinks about her feud with Rihanna.

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Check excerpts from her interview with Wendy below.

Who her beauty icon is:

I love Halle Berry. Ever since I was a little girl. She represents a black  woman well.

Why she’s decided to change her physique and gain weight: 

I’m trying something new. I normally train five days a week. I’m trying to not train as much. I’m trying to do something different with my body. My muscle memory is very strong. So I don’t hafta train. I’ve been pigging out, eating everything under the sun. I’m a buffet eater. When I go, I hafta eat ten different things. I’m so indecisive about the small things.

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Where she met boyfriend, Future:

We actually met working. We finally got a chance to get in the studio  [together].

Why does she think she had a ‘hiccup’ in her career: 

I think I feel like from my eyes, when I look at people I admire, it’s a  journey. Everyone is gonna’ hit a few bumps in the road. You’re gonna fall. For  me, I went through a phase when I was trying different things in my life. I  think that’s what you hafta do in life. You hafta try and figure things out–what  works and what doesn’t.

What her relationship is like with Nicki Minaj: 

It’s so funny, we don’t even talk everyday. But I feel like she and I have a  very cool connection. Every now and then we show love.

If she’d ever do a stint on ‘American Idol’: 

I don’t know. I’m not gonna say so much on the singing show because there some cool things that I can’t talk about. You know what I  always use to have a problem with the idea of judging. I feel like there’s so  many things I hafta work on myself. But, I think if I was to do it, I would  probably be the nicer judge. It’s hard to really be so mean to  somebody.

If she went to Kim Kardashian’s first wedding and if she’d go to a wedding if she married Kanye: 

I did. If there’s an invite absolutely. We don’t talk like we use to talk.  Everything is cool though. More than anything, it’s just an organic way things  have been rolling. It’s always all love. Everything is cool.

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What she thinks about her feud with Rihanna: 

I’m good. You know what? I just hafta ask you this question–you ask me that  question right? And how many seconds did that take? It didn’t take that long  right? I just wanna make sure we said that part. I’ve said all that I need to  say about her. I’m totally in a different space and it’s all positivity and love  from my perspective and how I get down. And I  wish her well.

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What the ‘N’ tattoo means: 

That’s a N. His name is Nayvadius.

Why she would get a tattoo if she isn’t engaged or married: 

This is what I feel; this is a place I’m in. I’ve always been so reserved and  to myself. In this day in my life I’m so comfortable in my skin. And I feel so  good about where I am. I’m very confident and comfortable in the way  he loves me. Imma put  in the universe positive things. I’m going to put in the universe that it’s only going to get better and better.

Watch the full interview below.

Photos via Wendy Williams and Gossip on This


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