Ciara Snaps Back At Woman After She Insults Her Dance Moves [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 18, 2013

Ciara has had enough with the cyber bullying.

The Body Party singer kept quiet after Rihanna continued to taunt her on social media. Ciara even kept quiet when her boyfriend Future’s baby mama called her out of her name on Twitter. But CiCi didn’t let a woman get the best of her when she insulted the singer’s dance moves.

A woman by the Twitter name of KibaGossett decided to go end on Ciara Monday night. Cici didn’t like her comments and she gave her a dose of her own medicine. Gossett began her rant with the tweet, “The Matrix came out in 2001, why are you still doing it?”

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Gossett added, “I wish u would sit your dancing azz down them old azz dance moves I like one song since u been singing and that’s yo body is my party.”

Gossett also bashed Ciara’s weave and body before CiCi snapped back. Ciara tweeted, “@KibaGossett That Matrix Move, Sure Is Gettin Me A Lott’a Money. But What U Gettin Wit Dem Bangs??:)..1 Follower:)…..Crickets:)…”

Ciara also posted Gossett’s photo below to her Instagram with the caption: “Them bangs? Seriously, them bangs? This person thinks it’s cool 2 talk about people all day :) Not Cool!”

ciara gives a read on Instagram


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Ciara kept the photo up for a few minutes before she deleted it. She eventually posted two follow up messages about thumb thugging.

 photo ciaramds321.png


Ciara claps back


Good for Ciara! She’s not the first celebrity to snap back at a Twitter user, and she won’t be the last.

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