Chrisley Knows Best Star Wanted By Police For Attacking Baby Mama

Rucuss staffMay 2, 2014

Chrisley Knows Best star Kyle Chrisley is wanted by police for allegedly assaulting his baby mama.

Chrisley also threatened the mother of his child’s sister with a knife. According to a new Facebook post by the South Carolina Anderson Sheriff’s Office, police in that state are “requesting the public’s assistance” in bringing Chrisley to justice after an alleged incident on February 24, 2013.

The police claim the altercation began when Johnson confronted Chrisley about his habit of staying out all night and not returning home until late in the morning. He allegedly became angry and struck Johnson in the face with an open hand.

Radar Online reports that he took their child, Chloe, and left the home. Minutes later, Chrisley returned to the residence and kicked in the front door. When Johnson’s sister confronted Chrisley, he threatened her with a knife.


Chrisley is wanted on charges of criminal domestic violence, assault and battery. The police are asking for the public’s help because the address information obtained by the Sheriff’s office is bogus.

This is not the first time that Chrisley has had a domestic dispute with a woman. Chrisley was also arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple battery against a woman named Tracy Gordon on April 2013.

Chrisley and his family star in the hit USA network show. It chronicles their family life.

Photos via Instagram, Eonline and USA


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