Chris Brown Shops With Karrueche Down Under, Performs ‘Birthday Cake’ at Australia SupaFest! [Photos/Video]

Rucuss staffApril 15, 2012

Although there was speculation that Chris Brown and Rihanna would perform together at the Australia Supafest, those rumors were quickly shut down when RiRi was seen leaving a day before the concert.

However, Brown didn’t disappoint his fans. During his set at Brisbane’s Supafest, Brown performed the remix to “Birthday Cake” solo. It was a bold move by Brown who already received criticism for performing at the festival. Producers of the event have had to defend their decision of adding him to the line up.

“At the moment, he’s having No.1 records around the world, people are feeling it’s appropriate because he’s in demand,” co-producer John Denison said. “I’m happy to take the lead if television and radio are shutting him down, but you have to take the fact that everyone has accepted it.”

Brown also sang Wall To Wall, Look At Me Now, Yeah 3x and Turn Up The Music during Day 1 of the Supafest. The pop singer tweeted two photos of his own before he hit the stage.

Brown also brought his girlfriend Karrueche down under for the event. The aspiring model, who was spotted with a new hair cut, is a wardrobe assistant for Brown.

Watch Brown’s performance in Australia below.


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