Chris Brown Slams ‘Racist’ DA, Accuses Beyonce of Stealing His Moves While Dissing Jay-Z!

Rucuss staffAugust 23, 2013

Chris Brown could not  stay quiet for long.

A week after Brown’s probation was reinstated and ordered to do 1,000 additional hours of community labor on Aug. 16, he blasted the ‘racist’ district attorney that spearheaded the case. There was a dispute over whether Brown performed his community service following his 2009 assault case involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

LA County Deputy Dist. Atty. Mary A. Murray accused the Love More singer of submitting false reports. In the end, a judge ordered him to do 1,000 more hours. Brown has a year to complete the most recent sentencing. He is due back in court Nov. 20.

On Thursday, Brown unleashed his frustrations with the DA on Twitter. Check out his rant below.

Chris Brown tweets

chris brown tweet

Earlier this month, Brown suffered a seizure and blamed it on the stress of the “continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity,” according to a statement from his rep. Prior to that, he announced plans to quit music because he is “tired of being famous for a mistake.”

Brown began his Twitter rant by taking aim at Beyoncé. He accused the Love On Top singer of stealing his dance moves.

Brown shared the clip below of Beyoncé performing during one of her Mrs. Carter Tour stops. He added the caption: “Looks familiar. Beyoncé, U might as well go ahead and do this collab. Jay might have a problem wit it but this [is] Piru.”

Many assumed the Piru comment was a threat to Jay. The Pirus, or Piru Street Family, is the largest street gang in Los Angeles. They have spread from their original base of Compton to other areas of the city. It had been rumored that Brown was affiliated with the Blood gang.

Chris Brown & Jay-Z - Cover

Brown’s latest rant is doing nothing to improve his stress level. Its appears no one is safe from Browns’ wrath.

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