Chris Bosh’s Residency Questioned in Child Support Case [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 24, 2012

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is in the middle of a nasty child support battle with the mother of his three-year old daughter, Allison Mathis.

Mathis wants the court to raise her child support payments from $2,600 a month to $30,000. But Bosh is doing everything he can for that not to happen. The NBA star was grilled for two hours by lawyers and a judge in an effort to figure which state he resides in.

Bosh claims his residence is in Texas while Mathis, who is currently unemployed, said he lives in Florida. Bosh’s ex-girlfriend wants the courts to rule his residence is in Florida because he will have to pay out $30,000 per month. Mathis’ current child support of $2,600 is based on his Texas residence.

Gossip Extra reports Bosh was contradicted over and over while on the stand and was made to look like a liar by Mathis’ attorney. He was forced to read from the mortgage papers he signed for his $12.5 million-Miami Beach home.

After claiming repeatedly that he is a Texas resident, Bosh read out loud an affidavit he signed in 2010 to obtain the mortgage from Deutsche Bank. The affidavit was to swear he had the intention to make his North Bay Road home his primary residence — and therefore become a Florida resident!

The case is ongoing and a decision could be made as soon as September.


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