Women Grab President Barack Obama on The Butt! [Photos]

Johnnie WaltersFebruary 20, 2012

President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Obama ordered lunch at the Grand Eastern Restaurant on Feb. 16. He was all smiles while he shook hands with customers and even posed for a few photos. But many onlookers were shocked to see a few Chinese women grabbing his buttocks in the midst of posing for photos.

Not once, but twice.

It was pretty evident that the women were excited to have the opportunity to be in the President’s company, but were they a little too excited? It’s no doubt that many would jump at the chance to take a photo with the President. Some would go as far as wrapping their arm around him but planting their hand on his butt is a huge stretch.



















In the end, the secret service was not alarmed by the gesture because the butt-grabbing was not intentional. The women were not trying to be sexually suggestive but they were just excited about the moment and didn’t realize their actions.

Yeah right! I’m sure a few of you would jump at the chance to do the same thing if you were able to get away with it. Check them out, they had a nice firm squeeze, geez!


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