Chicago Bulls Star Carlos Boozer’s New Spray On Hair [Photos]

Peaches GrantFebruary 13, 2012

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer didn’t get the memo.

Apparently Boozer hasn’t seen the footage of TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA’s crew making fun of Miami Heat star Lebron James’ hairline. No, Boozer wants hair and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. And if that means spraying on hair then so be it.

Basketball fans got a glimpse of the new Boozer doing the Bulls-Boston Celtics game in Boston on Sunday. People noticed something different about Boozer but they couldn’t quite put there finger on it at first. Then a light went off, Boozer has hair.

It was a drastic change for Boozer who normally has a bald head.

While Boozer appears to use black spray for his beard, we never thought he would use it on his head.

We have to admit his new hair does make him look a lot younger.


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