Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s 95-Page FBI File Has Been Released, FBI Was Keeping Tabs On Rap Star!

Johnnie WaltersJanuary 11, 2012

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was a memorable rapper both on and off the stage.

ODB, whose real name was Russell Tyreese Jones, was one of the most eccentric personalities in hip-hop. Before he was known for criminal activity, Dirty was the most recognizable member of the Wu-Tang Clan. His raspy voice, along with a growl that he uttered was a key element in several of the Clan’s most memorable songs. His most memorable solo verses were from Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” and Pras “Ghetto Supastar.”

His most memorable non-music moment was back in 1994. ODB invited MTV to tag along while he loaded several of his kids into a limousine and proceeded to drive to a welfare office to collect food stamps. ODB died 10 years later of a drug overdose in November of 2004.

Blogger Rich Jones over at Gun.Lo recently requested the deceased rapper’s complete FBI file under the Freedom of Information Act. The result is a fascinating, 95-page file chronicling Dirty’s criminal activities.

Here’s a quick table of contents, via Dangerous Minds:

A few highlights include:

  • “The WTC is heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, carjacking and other types of violent crime.” [p5]
  • Connections to the murder of Robert “Pooh” Johnson and Jerome “Boo Boo” Estrella. [p6]
  • Connection to murder of Ishamael “Hoody” Kourma. [p13]
  • A shoot-out with the NYPD. [p15]
  • Arrest for felony possession of body armour. [p16]
  • Connections to the Bloods Gang. [p17]
  • Found in possession of large bags full of paper currency. [p40]
  • Details of his being robbed and shot while staying in the Kingston projects. [p45]

Spin Magazine also broke down the 95-page file by numbers. Check it out:

Minimum number of murders to which ODB allegedly had some ties: Five (Robert “Pooh” Johnson, Jerome “Boo Boo” Estrella, Ishamael “Hoody” Kourma, Robert Johnson, and a redacted victim whose killing police evidently believed to have been ordered by the Wu-Tang Clan in retaliation for a robbery)

Number of times “Hoody” Kourma was shot: 6

Number of times another person allegedly linked to ODB was shot, though not killed: 2 (while being carjacked in an angel dust deal gone bad)

Date ODB was shot during an alleged jewelry robbery by two masked men: 07/01/98

Approximate total cash value of the stolen jewelry: $10,000

Number of occasions on which undercover New York police officers purchased jewelry believed to be linked to the alleged robbery: 3

Date on which the robbery investigation was requested to be closed: 05/05/05

Minimum number of occasions on which ODB was said to have been shot, as mentioned in the report: 3

Date ODB allegedly took part in a shootout with New York police: 01/15/99 (a Brooklyn grand jury chose not to indict him)

Date ODB was formally charged under a then-new California law banning convicted felons from possessing body armor: 03/11/99

Bail amount: $115,000

Number of alleged gang connections: 1 (Bloods)

Minimum number of times the report uses the phrase “Rap type music”: 2

Number of businesses or entities said to be controlled by the Wu Tang Clan: 16 (Wu Tang Inc. [Perrinville, N.J.], Wu Tang Management [Perrinville, N.J.], Wu Tang Productions [New York, N.Y.], Wu Tang Records Inc., Wu Manufacturing Co. [Whitinsville, Ma.], Wu Wear Inc. [New York, N.Y.], Wu Wear Inc. [Staten Island, N.Y.], Wu Wear Inc, [Norfolk, Va.], Wu Wear Inc. [Atlanta, Ga.], MHPG Inc. [Whitinsville, Ma.], Wise Guy Records [Stubenville, Ohio], Steel Valley Records [Scio, Ohio], Protect Ya Neck Productions Inc., Wu Tang Publishing Inc., Everglow Inc., Diggs Leasing Corp. [Clarksburg, N.J.]]

Minimum number of times police seized bags of money ODB was carrying: 3

Minimum total amount: $4,500

Number of possible matches in New York for a Russell Jones as of 02/03/99: 196

In New Jersey: 165

Out of these possible matches, number that came up with a date of birth in November 1968 (ODB was born on November 15, 1968): 0

ODB’s residence, as listed by police on 02/03/99: “member of the Wu Tang Clan”

ODB’s residence, as listed by police on 11/28/99: “member of the Wu Tang Clan”

Minimum total number of ODB’s arrests, as listed by police on 01/30/99: 10

Minimum total number of addresses ODB had in the records that point: 5

ODB’s reported height as of 01/30/99: 6′ 0″

His weight: 150

Minimum number of defense attorneys retained by ODB: 2 (Peter Frankel in New York and Robert Shapiro in Los Angeles)

You can read the entire report below.

FBI File of Russell “Old Dirty Bastard” Jones


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