Check Out Eric Clayton’s $4.75 Million Ferrari! [Photos]

Rucuss staffMarch 30, 2012

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton has collected Ferraris for decades.

And Clapton sparred no expense on his new toy. He forked over a whopping $4.75 million on his brand new one-of-a-kind custom Ferrari that took two years to complete. By comparison, the world’s most expensive production car has been reported to be the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports at $2,400,000, which this price tag doubles.

The rock star’s Ferrari is a one of a kind custom 458 Italia with the badge  SP12EC. Clapton allegedly wanted a V12 engine installed in the car but the automaker refused to modify the car’s engine, transmission or suspension. The Italia has a 562 hp V8 engine and does 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds. It has a top end of 202 mph. Specific design changes were done to make the SP12EC look more like one of Clapton’s favorite 70s Ferraris

For those concerned about a millionaire spending so much on a car instead of helping the community, Clapton is the main benefactor of the Crossroads Recovery Centre in Antigua. It is a drug and alcohol rehab program which the long-time rock icon formed after battling off his own long-term addictions.

Check out raw footage of the car below.


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