Cheap Scapes! Did Jay-Z and Beyonce Stiff Their Own Charities?!

Rucuss staffFebruary 9, 2012

Rapper Jay-Z has come under fire because of his donations.

Many believe that the rich should give to charitable organizations and even though Jigga did give back in 2010. He appeared to be a little stingy with the amount he gave. The Daily reports that Jay gave just $6,431 to his own charity in 2010. It was a year in which he earned an estimated $63 million.

These figures were from tax records for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund. His wife, Beyoncé, made around $87 million, according to a Forbes estimate, and she didn’t give her husband’s foundation a dime.

“Jay, along with his family, provided office support, overhead support, [mother] Mrs. Gloria Carter’s 100% effort and time, computers, FedEx expenses, accounting, and treasury function support,” Jay’s representative Jana Fleishman told the Daily. “This was at no cost to the charity.”

His tax records does show he did pay for office expenses. He paid $1,209 for office expenses, $1,401 for telephone, and $4,696 in other expenses in 2010.

Fleishman added in 2011, a year for which tax returns for the charity are not yet available, Jay’s benefit concert helped raise $1.25 million for the charity at its Carnival at Pier 54 event.

Jay-Z, whose net worth Forbes puts at $420 million, gave about 0.01 percent of his estimated income to his own charity in 2010. While most donate at least three percent.

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation is run by his mother and two other unpaid employees.


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