Charles Barkley Raps To ‘N*ggas In Paris,’ Buys Drinks At Auburn Bar [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 2, 2013

TNT analyst Charles Barkley took some time away from the NBA and spent the weekend in Alabama.

The NBA legend was on hand to watch his alma mater Auburn upset Alabama 34-28 in the Iron Bowl on Saturday. After the game, Barkley celebrated with fans at a bar called En Fuego.

When Barkley entered the bar he took the microphone and told the crowd, “I just wanna take a moment to acknowledge all the Bama fans in the house… Thanks for playing and get the hell back to Tuscaloosa. Roll tears roll. War Damn Eagle.”

Charles Barkley Saban Shirt

Barkley also told the crow that he would buy everyone drinks for the next three songs, and told the DJ to play Tom Ford for Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford. He also rapped along with the song, N*ggas in Paris at some point. Check out the video below.

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