Chaka Khan Gives Reporter the Side-Eye After Beyonce Comment [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 28, 2014

Chaka Khan doesn’t like to be compared to other singers.

The I Feel For You singer made a name for herself with her unique voice and multiple hits that span four decades. So it came as no surprise when the 60-year old gave a reporter an evil look when she compared her to Beyonce.

While on the 7th Annual Essence Magazine ‘Women In Hollywood’ red carpet, a Hollywood Today reporter mentioned that she looked flawless like Beyonce’s song. Chaka wasn’t feeling the comment.

Chaka dramatically rolled her eyes and responded, “Child, please”… At least that’s what some people heard. Others listened to the short video and apparently heard, “That b!tc#.” Some are questioning whether the legendary diva called Beyonce out of her name.

Chaka Kahn

But Chaka did manage to gain her composure and talk about the cause.

“I love it..Absolutely amazing,..I love it when we can get together and show our love and respect for one another cause we don’t often get a chance to do this,” she said.
She also discussed how discipline has played a role in her successful career. “It’s everything..discipline is everything and work ethic. Discipline, work ethic all that. It’s monumental, its fundamental its gotta be there,” she explained.
Watch the interview below.


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