Chad Ochocinco Cut By Patriots, Evelyn Lozada Says She’s the Bread Winner [Details]

Peaches GrantJune 7, 2012

Chad Ochocinco is without a job in the NFL.

The 34-year old was cut by the New England Patriots on Thursday and his career is looking pretty bleak at the moment. The Patriots tried to trade him up until the transaction deadline at 4 p.m. but there wasn’t any interest.

Ocho was pretty much dead weight on their team this past season. So many teams are leery of adding him to their rosters. The wide receiver caught just 15 passes for 276 yards and a touchdown after being acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals in July 2011. He was paid $6 million dollars for that performance.

There was no indication that Ocho loss his mojo. But instead his lackluster performance had more to do with his ability to learn the Patriots playbook. Now Ochocinco will become a free agent, just 10 months after signing with the Patriots.

So for now, Ochocinco’s only job is filming a reality show about his upcoming wedding with his fiancée’ Evelyn Lozada. He’s tried to make light of the situation by updating his Twitter account with unemployed.

He continues to remain a class act by tweeting to Patriots fans,”Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play for the “Patriot” organization… fans were fucking wicked awesome, I wish all of you the best…”

Ocho then tweeted to one of his daughters, “Congrats baby girl… Daddy is unemployed, u got 2 work now after she tweeted,”RT @Jicyraa_Carter: Finally a freshman daddy! Four more years & I’m outiee.”

At some point he posted the portrait below.

Evelyn tweeted, “Aww baby you got cut @ochocinco I got your back! I’m the bread-winner now, which means I make the rules! #Boom”

Some Ocho fans didn’t like his fiancée’s tweet and went in on Lozada.

“Someone remove Evelyn Lozada from the Hall of Illusions and acquaint her with a dictionary. #BreadwinnerMeansYouWork #AndMakeMoney”

Evelyn Lozada is the opposite of “ride or die. Taking opportunity when your man has a career tumble to tweet your “clout”? FOH”

She quickly responded, “If you don’t get my humor with @ochocinco then F off! Not meant for you to “understand” #Smooches”


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