Chad Johnson’s First Interview Since Divorce: ‘I’m Taking Anger Management Classes’ [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 20, 2012

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has made her rounds in the media telling her side of the story about the infamous domestic incident with her ex-husband Chad Johnson.

Now Johnson wants his turn. The former NFL player wants to get back into the league and he’s pulling out all the stops to get there. Johnson sat down with Showtime’s Inside the NFL and revealed that he’s enrolled in anger management classes in hopes of another chance in the NFL.

During the interview, Johnson also talks about the domestic incident with Lozada that ruined his chances with the Miami Dolphins and his current relationship with his ex-wife.

Although Johnson was cut last month by the Miami Dolphins following his domestic abuse arrest for allegedly head-butting Lozada, Johnson hopes he has one more chance to play in the NFL.

Check out a few excerpts below.

On what he needs to do in order to get back into the NFL:

“I’m taking classes, anger management classes. I’m trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I’m in situations to where I would pop off? How can I defuse those situations? When you get a humble Chad Johnson that has lost everything and has to work his way back up, that’s a big deal. Because you’re not getting that same individual, you’re not getting that same fun guy. … I gotta prove a point. That’s the scariest thing in the world to have someone that has that drive.”

On who is to blame for domestic incident?:

“I made a mistake, I’m human. My time had come. … I take full responsibility for everything, always. Where do I go from here, now that I think about it? I gotta work on Chad. Chad has to work on Chad. Chad has to go deep down inside and figure out where he went wrong. At what point did you lose focus on what’s most important, especially the game of football?”

On if he’s spoken to Lozada:

“What I need to do is work on Chad. There’s nothing I can say to her because  she’s already heard it already. I can say it through my actions. Because actions  speak louder than words. This is the time for me to show actions. Period”

On why he was cut by Miami Dolphins:

“First of all I had an altercation. An altercation with my wife and the  consequences of my altercation with my wife was me being released.”

First off, I lost two things that I love, honestly. Football, I love. You know that. And you know the way I play the game, I enjoy it, I have fun with it, you know? And being married, being a husband, being a lover, it was an honor. You know what I mean? And I lost that. And you know that saying, ‘You never know what you have until it’s gone?’

“And now I finally know what they mean.”

Check out the interview below.


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