Chad Johnson’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out After Domestic Dispute! [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 14, 2012

A Boston woman has come forward and shared details of an alleged affair with Chad Johnson.

Beverly Shiner told Radar Online about a relationship she had with Johnson during his time with the New England Patriots. The 30-year old claims the alleged affair took place during his engagement with Evelyn Lozada, from January to May.

“He said, ‘I’m not doing anything different than what every other man is doing,’ Shiner told Radar Online about Johnson’s feeling on cheating. She added ‘he thinks it is fine to cheat.

“I feel he was completely disrespectful and he led me on,” she said. “It wasn’t just a one night thing, he always said he wanted to move in with me, and said if he had I’d be pregnant by then. He kept asking if I wanted to have more kids.”

Beverly Shiner, Chad Johnson's 'mistress'

Shiner, a mother of two, claims she met Johnson on Twitter. Johnson sent her a personal message with his number inviting her out for dinner.

“I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged, but at the time there were reports that she had broken it off because she thought he was cheating, so I assumed they had split up,” she said. “Once, when I was at his house, I asked what would happen if Evelyn walked in right now, and he said she wouldn’t care.”

Johnson stayed in touch with her by text even during the Super Bowl when the Patriots were playing against the New York Giants while he was with Lozada and his children.

“When he was at the Super Bowl (on February 5) in Indianapolis, he was texting me and saying he missed me,” she said.

After the Patriots lost to the Giants and Johnson was cut from the team, he moved to Miami to live with Lozada and plan their wedding. The two stayed in touch and would get together when he visited Boston.

Shiner admits that she followed Lozada on Twitter to see when she would be in and out of town.

“She eventually blocked me after she read a reply I tweeted to Kenya Bell after they had a fight over kitten heels,” she said. “I said Evelyn was trashy and I couldn’t believe ‘he was marrying that.'”

The affair came to an end after Johnson asked her to come over in May. But when she arrived he didn’t answer the door. She became upset and made comments he didn’t agree with.

“I got upset and told him, ‘You are not the guy I thought you were,’ to which he replied….’You’re overstepping your boundaries a little bit. I’m not your man, keep your comments to yourself.'”

Johnson was arrested after allegedly head-butting Lozada after she confronted him about a receipt she found for a box of condoms. He was charged with simply battery and 24 hours later he was cut from the Miami Dolphins.


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