Chad Johnson Says He Had to Take the Fall for the Domestic Abuse Because Evelyn Was His Wife! [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 19, 2013

Former NFL player Chad Johnson knows he’s damaged goods.

It’s been nearly two years since Ochocinco has suited up for an NFL team, and he can’t seem to land a job. He became damaged goods after he was arrested for headbutting his then-wife Evelyn Lozada. The domestic altercation took place during  an argument on August 11, 2012 after Evelyn found condoms in his trunk.

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In the end, Johnson was arrested, released by the Miami Dolphins and dumped by Lozada. Days after Johnson’s arrest, the police report surfaced where he said Evelyn headbutted him. But he later changed his story and took full responsibility for the incident.

But in an interview with the Broward Palm Beach New Times, Johnson explains why he let Evelyn get away with headbutting him.

“I never talk about that, you know that? For a reason. Let her tell her side. And my job is to cover the story, no matter what. And that’s what I’ve done, and it’s going to stay that way.”

“I’m supposed to. She’s the wife. That’s my job. To cover the story. That’s the way I was taught. That’s the way I was raised. If I’m your dad and I know you did something wrong, I don’t have a choice but to cover the story for you, whether you’re right or wrong. So for me, whether right or wrong or indifferent, if that’s who I’ve committed to even though I messed up, I’m covering the story for her no matter what. No matter what. Whether it’s my fault or her fault. Whether she antagonized me. Whether she pushed my buttons. You know what? You’re right. Period.”

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Meanwhile, Evelyn will appear in season 5 of VH1’s Basketball Wives on Mondays where she will give details about the domestic abuse incident.


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