Chad Johnson Released From Jail, Looks Embarrassed at Bond Hearing [Video]

Rucuss staffAugust 12, 2012

Miami Dolphins free agent wide receiver Chad Johnson’s bail was set at $2,500 by a Broward County criminal judge Sunday morning.

Johnson, who was greeted by his brother outside the jail, spent the night behind bars after he was arrested for domestic violence. The 34-year old allegedly head-butted his wife Evelyn Lozada while the two argued in their Smart car that was parked in the driveway of their house, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Lozada then ran to a neighbor’s house and called the police. Meanwhile, Johnson started screaming: “I don’t give a f…, I don’t give a f… about my career!” Lozada has a laceration that is approximately three inches in length, according to the police report.

Johnson told police he yelled “f— it” and his wife head butted him causing the laceration. Lozada alleges she confronted Johnson about a condom receipt she found in the drunk of the car while unloading groceries about 7 p.m. Saturday night.

After setting the judge set the bond, she ordered Johnson to have no contact with Lozada. She had moved in with friends. Johnson is expected to join the Dolphins at Nova Southeastern University for training camp on Sunday. Some speculate that the team is planning to cut Johnson.

Photo via Sun Sentinel


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