Chad Johnson Celebrates Divorce By Buying $300,000 Lamborghini [Photos]

Rucuss staffSeptember 24, 2012

Former NFL football player Chad Johnson may be unemployed.

But that hasn’t stopped him from buying a new car. Johnson apparently needed a little cheering up after finalizing his divorce from Evelyn Lozada and avoiding jail time in his domestic battery case last week. So the 34-year old bought a $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

Johnson posted the photos below of his white Lambo on Instagram. Johnson also posted the caption,”Just grab the new Lamborghini Aventador from Alex Vega @theautofirm.”

Many speculated that Johnson was hurting for cash. After his domestic violence arrest, it was reported that he may lose his $400,000 Miami condo. According to Gossip Extra, Johnson hasn’t paid the $863 a month maintenance fee on his 16th floor pad located in Two Midtown Miami since 2009. He’s been notified that if he doesn’t pay the $28,703 balance he owes his condo will go into foreclosure.

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Johnson has already accepted a $150,000 loan from two private investors in Palm Beach. He used a $350,000 house he bought one of his kids’ mother for collateral. He has until June 2015 to pay the principal back.

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A Florida man has also placed a lien on another Florida home Johnson owns for a unpaid bill in the amount of $130,000. The man claims Johnson owes it for work he’s done to the property.

Let’s hope Johnson received this car for some kind of sponsorship deal.


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