Chad Johnson Admits to Role in Viral Sex Tape, Evelyn Lozada Tweets About Betrayal [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 25, 2012

Photos and video clips of former Miami Dolphins star Chad Johnson and two unidentified women engaging in explicit sexual acts has leaked.

Johnson confirmed to TMZ that he was the man in the sex tape. But a source told the website that Johnson had nothing to do with the tape being leaked online on Tuesday. Ochocinco doesn’t want the footage, which was shot three years ago in a Florida hotel room to go public. He plans to seek legal action against outlets that publish the material.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Lozada has dropped the restraining order she filed against Johnson. They appeared in a Florida courtroom on Monday. It was the first time the pair had been seen together publicly since Johnson’s domestic violence arrest in August.

Lozada filed the restraining order this past summer because Johnson head-butted her during an argument. The violence led to a divorce after only one month of marriage. Since the hearing, the couple appear to be working on their relationship.

Check out a few tweets between Johnson and his Twitter followers.

There are more clues of a reconciliation. Evelyn posted a photo of her Celine bag on December 21, and later that day Johnson posted a photo while shopping. If you look closely on the right hand side you’ll see the same Celine bag with a person sitting by it with the same outfit on.

Once rumors of a sex tape surfaced, Lozada posted a few tweets. It appears she’s not happy about the sex tape.

There were also rumors that the women featured in the video were somehow connected to Lozada but she denied those claims. She tweeted,”LMFAO @MediaTakeOut. Those chicks in the video are not my ‘friends,’ and the video is old news over here in my circle. Merry Christmas, f*cks!”

Johnson threatened legal action against who released a few clips of his sex tape and the website removed the footage after a few days on its site. Johnson claims the images were hacked from his cell phone and is seeking help from the FBI to trace the hacker.

Check out a few screen shots of the sex tape below.


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