Busta Rhymes Pours Two Bottles Of Liquor On Woman For Pulling On His Pants [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 28, 2013

Busta Rhymes doesn’t like fans pulling on his clothes.

And to prove it, Busta gave a female fan a liquor shower because of it during one of his concerts. While Busta was drinking Patron from the bottle an unidentified woman kept tugging on his pants. The woman was trying to get his attention, but he continued to ignore her.

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Busta became so agitated that he began splashing the entire bottle of Patron onto the woman’s face. Busta then asks her, “Are you happy now?! You want more liquor? You keep pulling my pants. You must want all the liquor that I have. I’ll give you more liquor. I have more.  Do you want more liquor?  I got you.”

Then Busta grabs a bottle of champagne and dumps it over the woman’s head. When she turns to leave, Busta asks, “You okay?  You okay?  You want some more liquor?  You want some more?” Watch it go down below.


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