Businessman Buys $15 Million Black Diamond iPhone 5 [Photos]

Rucuss staffApril 15, 2013

The world’s most expensive cellphone is owned by a Hong Kong businessman.

The wealthy millionaire wanted to flaunt his family fortune so he commissioned craftsman Stuart Hughes to trick out a new iPhone 5. Hughes spent nine weeks creating a solid gold chassis of an iPhone 5 and then placed a rare black diamond , which belonged to the businessman’s family as the home button. The black diamond is allegedly worth $14.5 million.

The iPhone includes 600 flawless white diamonds, a full solid gold dressing and 53 diamonds on the rear that make up the Apple logo.

Craftsman Stuart Hughes says this gold and diamond iPhone 5 is the most expensive phone in the world at $15 million. (Stuart Hughes)

Hughes is known for making expensive luxury items. He set a record in 2011 for creating an iPhone 4S with 500 diamonds totaling more than 100 carats. That phone had an estimated value of $9 million.

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