Bruce Jenner May Get Sex Change As Early As This Summer [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 10, 2015

Bruce Jenner is reportedly ready to become a woman.

Jenner is set to undergo surgery for his sex change as early as this summer, Radar Online reports. Although the reality star allegedly slowed down his hormone therapy after he was in a car wreck that left one woman dead, he’s been seeing a therapist and, “if all goes well,” will have his surgery.

“The therapy was required by the doctor that will be performing Bruce’s sex change operation,” the source told Radar. “And it has helped Bruce tremendously.”


After Jenner was in the wreck, he allegedly confirmed to a healthcare worker that he was taking a low dose of hormones. Then, on March 4, reports surfaced that Jenner had told his daughters that he was “becoming a woman” and asked them to begin calling him by his new name.

Jenner, who is rumored to still want to date women after the surgery, will reportedly start going to therapy twice a week until he has the surgery this summer.

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