Britney Spears Fan Bites Her Leg During Lap Dance

Rucuss staffNovember 17, 2011

Britney Spears loves to give lap dances on stage.

The pop singer is known for picking fans from the crowd and tieing them up, shaking her booty and gyrating on them. Well, she may be thinking of other options after what happened on stage in Rio. Spears got more than what she bargained for when a fan took a bite out of her leg.

Britney Spears Lap Dance

The fan’s hands were bound behind a pole while he sat on stage. Spears took her spot behind him and attempted her choreographed move of hopping up the pole to wrap her legs around him. When she does so, he bites her calf!

Spears felt the bite and quickly pulled her leg back and dropped down. But she didn’t panic. She continued performing while the biter continued to dance in place. We hope she has her shots!

Check out the video of the infamous love bite.

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