British Trader Alex Hope Spends $320,381 at a Nightclub in 3 Hours! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 9, 2012

Alex Hope may have racked up one of the most expensive nightclub tabs in history.

The 23-year old UK foreign exchange trader had a bill of $320,381.65 after three hours of partying at the Playground Club in Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel. That amount averages $100,000 worth of drinking an hour. The Mirror reports Hope lavished his friends with a specially ordered 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne worth $200,000. He also had close to 50 other smaller bottles of alcohol that ranged from $780 to nearly $40,000.

Most of his bar tab was created by the purchase of this 30 Liter bottle of Champagne by Ace of Spades, which was $200,000. Here’s the itemized receipt in British pounds.

The next day he posted on his website: “Just opened the world’s largest Ace of Spades bottle with my boy George Panatiyou at the PlayGround. Great night! Miami Next!”


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