Brandon Jennings Says He’s In First ‘Real’ Relationship, Teyana Taylor Responds

Rucuss staffMay 2, 2014

Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings is so in love with his current girlfriend Tae Heckard that he’s forgotten about all his previous relationships.

Jennings shared on social media that ‘this was his first public ‘real’ relationship. Well, many believe that was a diss to his former girlfriend Teyana Taylor. The couple was in a very public relationship a few years ago.

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Jennings and Taylor appeared to be in love at the time and their were even rumors that they were engaged. They never denied those rumors.

 photo teybran.jpg

But the couple didn’t last. It was rumored that Jennings dumped Taylor after she refused to have sex with him. She claimed she was a virgin at the time.

Say What: Are Tae Heckard & Brandon Jennings Engaged?!

After numerous flings, Jennings believes he’s found the one. He dissed Taylor while giving Heckard her props. Read his tweets below.

 photo bjtweet.jpg

It didn’t take long for Taylor to fire back. She didn’t mention Jennings’ name but did send out a subliminal message about his comments.

 photo tttweet.png

Then Taylor seemed to take a shot at Heckard, who she once was friends with.

 photo teyig.png

Jennings and Heckard have only been dating for a few months and their are rumors that the two are engaged.

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