Brandon Jennings Dumps Tae Heckard, Wants to Date Bria Murphy

Rucuss staffJune 15, 2015

Teyana Taylor is somewhere laughing her ass off.

Taylor is probably enjoying the fact that her ex Brandon Jennings and former friend Tae Heckard are having a rough patch. It appears the Detroit Pistons star and Heckard have split. Jennings announced he was single on social media over the weekend.

And to make it a little more interesting, Jennings made sure to hurt his pregnant ex where it hurts. He publicly lusted over Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria in the process. Check out his tweets below.



Wondering who Bria is, check her out below.






So far, Heckard has not responded. Its unclear why the two broke up but Jennings may have given some clues with some previous posts on social media.

Brandon Jennings Tae Heckard

Brandon Jennings Tae Heckard

He also responded to a fan directly who asked him if he’d found his “Annie,” a term for a girl “worth wifing.”

Brandon Jennings Tae Heckard



Apparently, Jennings feels lust has been the leading factor with most of his relationships.

Photos via Instagram


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