Bow Wow Slams Reebok, Addresses Rumors He’s Fired From 106 & Park [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 25, 2014

Bow Wow has a few things to get off his chest, and he’s not holding anything back.

The 106 & Park host wore plenty of Reebok shoes on his show and believed he was a good candidate for an endorsement deal. Bow Wow believes he has influence over his young and impressionable audience.

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Bow Wow even let his followers in on his mission in April. He tweeted about one of his meetings with Reebok.

But things didn’t work out with Reebok and not Bow Wow is pissed. Now he vows not to wear Reebok anymore. In an interview with Sneaker Watch, Bow Wow vented his frustration about Reebok.

“Reebok sends a lot of sh*t to the house but they don’t want to be coming off no money so until then I ain’t really wearing Reebok right now. It’s just like the power I have on TV to wear those kicks and then kids come on my IG like, ‘Where did you get them?’ I’m making y’all rich and y’all mother*ckers ain’t giving me nothing. So, I appreciate the free sh*t they send to the house but as of right now I put Reebok on pause. And I don’t give a f*ck if they see this that’s just how I feel.

“I’m not going to keep helping those brands. They brainwash you and send you all that free sh*t and then when you try to go in business with them, they turn around and give you the runaround and then sign somebody else like real quick. This mother*cker doesn’t even have the power to tell ten people to buy some shoes and they’ll listen. If I tell kids to go buy this shoe, them mother*ckers is going to buy that shoe. Like, it’s different and that’s what kind of made me fall back on Reeboks products as of right now.

“I’m not hating on them, but until they get their mind right and come back with that money and that deal, then we’ll talk Reebok. “

Meanwhile, Bow Wow Fans panicked when a rumor began to circulate that the rapper had been fired from the BET countdown show. CreamBMP Daily, which is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture “for entertainment purposes only,” said Bow Wow was fired because he used the company credit card to pay his child support.

The website claims Bow Wow charged over $30,000 on the credit card. Bow Wow went on Twitter to deny the rumor. He replied to a fan and 50 Cent.



Bow Wow also posted the photo below to show proof that he still works for BET.



Bow Wow’s photo shoot appears to be a dig at Reebok. It screams, “See I told you I can sell shoes to a large audience!”

Photos via Instagram


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