Bow Wow Reacts to Catfish Episode About Him [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 9, 2013

There are still people being fooled by imposters on the Internet.

Well, MTV’s hit show Catfish wants you to think so. On Tuesday night’s episode, a 19-year-old girl named Keyonnah thought she was having an online romance with Bow Wow. Keyonnah claims a relationship began after she liked Bow Wow’s Facebook fan page and sent him a message. Someone from the page wrote her back and they exchanged numbers.

Keyonnah and a person who she thought was Bow Wow began an online relationship over a four-month period. Bow even sent her $10,000. As it turned out, Keyonnah was actually talking to an Atlanta-based “musician” named Dee Pimpen. Dee also happens to be a female who convinced her male cousin to talk with Keyonnah on the phone.

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As the duped Keyonnah summarized, “You’re the Bow and she’s the Wow.” It sure was complicated, but it made for good television.

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Catfish host Nev Schulman even poked fun at the situation on Twitter.


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Now the real Bow Wow wants to keep that rolling by inviting Keyonnah and Dee Pimpen to his show, 106 & Park. After the episode aired, Bow Wow responded in a video:

The new thing is this “Catfish” situation. Lets talk about how somebody is impersonating me. First of all, that’s a hard thing to do. Just look at me. You can’t impersonate this. These eyes. These ain’t contacts. You can’t put these in your eyes to think that you’re Bow Wow. These tattoos on my body…these are permanent. You can’t draw these on. There can only be one and that’s me.

So, how do I feel about being Catfished? I feel honored. It’s dope and it’s flattering when someone wants to be you. Not only do they want to be you, in their mind they are you. It’s crazy, but I like it. It’s free promo for myself, for BET, for “106 & Park.” Quite frankly, I would actually like to meet them both. So here’s a message out to the girl who got Catfished and to the person who was pretending to be me…I am opening the door here at my house and I’m inviting you to come to “106 & Park” to sit down so I can ask you two some questions. We gonna do it on my time, though. On our network. On our show. I mean, y’all did take all of our pics from “106 & Park” and use them, so [if] you wanna holla at Bow Weezy, come to “106.” Catfish? It is what it is.

Everybody out there internet cyber dating, just know who you’re talking to. I guess that’s the best thing I can say. That’s why I don’t really do things like that. I don’t talk to women over the internet.

I’m lying! I do it all the time!

Watch Bow Wow’s rant below.

If you missed the episode, check it out below.


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