Bodyguard Of Jay-Z, Beyonce & More Tasered To Death By Police! [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 5, 2013

Longtime bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek was responsible for guarding some of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

Oosterbroek was the CEO of RAD security, which is one of the best-known personal-security companies in the world. It has a huge corporate and celebrity client base. And the six-foot-five, 280 pounder was a longtime bodyguard of Jay-Z and his company employees Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius.

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But Oosterbroek’s life came to an abrupt end Monday night. The 43-year old was tasered to death by police in Miami. A neighbor called police around 10 because Oosterbroek was butt naked and banging on her back door, the Miami Herald reports.

<br /> Norman Oosterbroek<br />

When police arrived the Oosterbroek was fighting with the caller’s husband and ingesting what police suspected was cocaine. Oosterbroek was tazed and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

A Pinecrest police spokesperson defended the action describing Ooterbroek “as highly violent, uncontrollable and obviously unstable.” A toxicology report is pending and an investigation is ongoing.

Oosterbroek, also known in Europe as “The Dutch Giant,” began his career in South Africa as a bodyguard for Nelson Mandela. He later formed his own international security firm, RAD. There are offices in the Netherlands and New York.

The Miami Herald reports that Oosterbroek suffered from drug problems and had been in and out of rehab over the years. He lives a wife and two children.

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