Bobby Shmurda Sues NYPD Over Alleged False Arrest [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 1, 2016

Bobby Shmurda has had enough with the New York Police Department.

Shmurda, who has been locked up since December 2014 for conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and weapons possession, is suing the NYPD for an alleged false arrest. He claims it has caused him permanent “nervous shock and mental anguish.”

Shmurda claims he was at a friend’s house on June 3, 2014 when police knocked on the door.

“When one of the occupants opened the door a slight bit to see who was there,” the suit claims, “Officer Douglas Corso and other police officers kicked in the door and illegally entered the residence without a search warrant.”

Police taunted the “Hot Ni**a” rapper while searching the Rockaway Parkway house in Brooklyn, “chanting the lyrics to his chart-topping songs,” according to the lawsuit, the New York Daily News reports.

Police allege Shmurda tried to hide a handgun in a couch. But he claims neither the gun or the drug paraphernalia that was found belonged to him. The Brooklyn gun charge has since been dismissed, but he is still facing weapons possession charges in different cases in Manhattan and the Bronx.

The only cop named in the suit is Officer Corso, an official who has been a defendant in five other federal civil rights lawsuits dating as far back as 2011, according to the report.

Shmurda’s lawyer, Derek Sells, is a civil rights lawyer who happens to be married to Civilian Complaint Review Board executive director Mina Malik. Sells claims no civilian complaint was filed with the CCRB about an illegal search.

Shmurda is still behind bars awaiting trial.


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