Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal, Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2016

Bobby Shmurda is headed to prison.

The Hot Boy rapper accepted a plea deal where he will spend the next seven years in prison.

During a court hearing on Friday, Shmrda joined co-defendants Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall and Nicholas McCoy for the plea deal arraignment. All three had to accept the terms of the offer.

According to Billboard, Shmurda pled guilty to 4th-degree conspiracy and 2nd-degree criminal weapons possession. The conspiracy charge would have given him one-to-three years while the weapons possession charge would have earned him seven additional years. However, Shmurda will be allowed to serve both at the same time, landing a maximum of seven years on his sentence.

Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, will not be able to appeal this ruling based on his deal’s terms, but he will be given credit for time served. Since he was arrested in December 2014, nearly two years ago, there are at least five years left on his sentence. The rapper will also receive five years probation, TMZ reports.

Shmurda is optimistic about his future. He has already announced two movies, one of which will be a fictional story about his experiences leading up to his incarceration.


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