Blame Miley Cyrus: Girl Catches Fire While Twerking! [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 6, 2013

A woman attempts to make a ‘twerk’ video for her boyfriend but ends up in flames.

Caitlin Heller found out the hard way that she shouldn’t attempt to twerk while there is a room full of lit candles. A pair of Heller’s tights can attest to that.

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With the lights turned low, she attempted to twerk upside down against a closed door. However, her routine came to a sudden and painful end when someone tried to enter the room. Heller was sent flying onto a glass table that shattered underneath her.

As if smashing the table wasn’t bad enough, her clothing catches fire from the candles. Heller wasn’t injuried and saw the funny side of the situation. She posted the video online and titled it, ‘worst twerk fail EVER.’ Watch it below.


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